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Fuck yeah, Tampa Bay Rays
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Evan Longoria is not disgruntled, folks.  

The Twitter account @MLBInsideNews first reported Monday that Longoria was unhappy and has perpetuated the report throughout the week, citing the accuracy of its information on other MLB stories, such as Albert Pujols heading to the Angels. The report has been a popular topic among Rays fans on Twitter, and has made its way to a few blogs.

Among the posts from the account, in the name of Scott Swaim:

Breaking: Sources tell me that Evan Longoria would welcome a trade. He is disgruntled by the #Rays situation, and unwillingness to spend.

While he is not demanding a trade, Longoria would not reject one, and he would be glad to go

The #Rays have begun fielding calls for Longoria as of late this morning, sources say.

Evan’s response:

"I don’t have any idea where that rumor came from! It’s completely false,” Longoria told the Times via text. "I’ve said from the start I love Tampa, I love the direction we are heading as a franchise and there is no better place for me to continue to grow as a player and person.”

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